Pangea Aerospace has patented an innovative recovery system
that uses electric ducted fans to precisely land the first stage of the rocket
and reuse it more than 10 times.


Pangea Aerospace is developing an innovative recovery system that uses COTS electric ducted fans to perform a soft & precise landing, thus reducing the stress on the main engine and allowing for a high-component reusability of the first stage. Part of this system is being developed under the RRTB project, funded by the H2020 program from the European Commission, with partners such as The Von Karman Institute, Thales Alenia Space or Deimos Space, amongst others.


A launch vehicle designed as system to be recovered
We have rethought the launch vehicle design to put reusability as a constraint. Therefore, we have imagined an unseen launch system that is easy to refurbish and will be reusable from first flight.