Advanced rocket propulsion thanks to additive manufacturing


for rockets

The ideal solution
for launch vehicles

Pangea Aerospace has solved problems that are historically associated with aerospike engines: cooling, weight and manufacturing costs

Up to 30% more payload into orbit
The aerospike adapts to the changing atmospheric pressure, thus working optimally throughout the ascent trajectory. It needs less fuel to bring the same mass into orbit

Lower cost and shorter lead time
Fully additively manufactured with the most advanced copper alloys, we reduce the number of parts of to the minimum and manufacturing lead time

Built with the the most advanced copper alloy and regeneratively cooled using both propellants

The engine is designed to be reusable more than 10 times. Liquid methane eases reusability as it does not leave coking in the cooling channels, which is not the case with Kerosene

By using biomethane, Pangea’s CO2 equivalent emissions are significantly lower than with kerosene and other fossil fuels. Not to mention hybrids and solids.

Modular approach
The modular design approach taken by Pangea Aerospace allows us to develop different thrust ranges faster and easier

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ARCOS, the first flight-weight aerospike engine in the world.

Based on DemoP1, ARCOS is a 300kN flight-weight aerospike.
It will be the first of a larger portfolio of solutions for launchers.

Green Boosters

Pangea Aerospace offers the most efficient and sustainable boosters in the market. Not to mention, reusable

Increased flexibility
Pangea Aerospace sells boosters to increase the flexibility of your launch vehicle (payload increase or reaching farther orbits)

Increased performance
The aerospike engine dramatically increases the performance of the booster

Green bosters
Today Europe uses non-reusable solid Boosters. Pangea offers the future European Boosters: non-toxic, green and reusable

Reusability is in our DNA and our boosters are designed to be recoverable and reusable

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The ideal solution for small satellites, deep space missions and landers

We are developing a propulsion system for cubesats using green propellants

Low-cost propulsion solution, as it is additively manufactured and designed for low-cost operation

A 1U propulsion system, easy to integrate with any cubesat platform

U-NYX system uses green and non-toxic propellants (H2O2), contributing to change the industry standard

and bipropellant modes

To fullfil different transportation needs: deployment, station keeping, collision avoidance and deorbiting

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Why reusability?

Needed in order to survive a competitive market as it increases flexibility, lowers CAPEX and reduces environmental impact

Pangea has analyzed internally and within the RRTB project the different economic variables influencing reusability economics: payload penalty, logisitics and transport, manufacturing and refurbishment processes, trajectory and aerodynamics of reentry, among others

Increased launch frequency: reusability allows to reuse a rocket in a shorter time and lowers rocket production needs, therefore reducing capex investment and production workload

Environmentally friendly: reusing hardware lowers the project carbon footprint and reduces the usage of materials, including copper and aluminium alloys

and Return
To Base

Pangea Aerospace is leading the H2020 funded RRTB project, with top European partners such as Deimos, VKI or Thales Alenia, amongst others.

The project aims to validate tail-first atmospheric reentry of a small launch vehicle, define and simulate different landing system configurations and design the vehicle cryogenic reusable tanks.

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Launch Vehicles

Launch vehicles designed for reusability: easy to recover, easy to refurbish and transport and qualified to be reusable more than 10 times.

The MESO rocket uses an aerospike engine as a main engine and a novel recovery system to land safely and reuse the first stage.

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